Electrical, Plumbing, Asbestos, Oh My!


When selling your Dallas, TX real estate, there are some items that need to be in good repair if you want to attract Dallas home buyers. Imagine you were looking for a home. What would attract you and what would send you off hunting for a different home? Chances are these are the same things that will attract or repel potential buyers.

Wire your Home to Sell

Older homes tend to have knob and tube electrical wiring, and newer homes usually have the safer and more efficient plastic-sheathed wiring. Newer electrical panels and updated wiring are things that attract Dallas home buyers. These are good indications that the home has been kept up to code. Any electrical updates that need to be done to your home before you put it on the market should be done by a licensed electrician. The costs involved in upgrading the electrical wiring at your Dallas, TX real estate are generally a wise investment.

Plumbing Systems Matter

There are a wide range of plumbing systems in houses on the market today including copper, rigid plastic, galvanized steel, soft plastic and polybutylene. Some plumbing systems are more reliable than others. Copper is the strongest type of pipe for a plumbing system and polybutylene works best when curving around corners. Galvanized steel has the shortest lifespan. Fixing any immediate plumbing problems will attract Dallas home buyers and help you sell your home faster. Just know that potential buyers will most likely want to hire their own inspectors to check the home you are trying to sell.

Asbestos Disclaimer

Asbestos is a carcinogen known to cause cancer when tiny particles are inhaled into human lungs. In order to make your home safer, whether you are selling or not, it is important to replace siding, insulation, air ducts or ceiling materials that contain asbestos. This can be a costly process, but you will not attract Dallas home buyers if your home contains asbestos. Many sellers may even want you to sign an asbestos disclaimer to ensure that your home does not contain the dangerous material.

Clean up for Curb Appeal

Many times home buyers will drive by a home that is for sale, just to get a quick view before scheduling an appointment. If the home is not visually appealing, the prospective buyer will most likely not make an appointment. This is why it is important to spruce up your yard and do a little landscaping to attract Dallas home buyers. Make sure there is no debris in the yard and that the trees are trimmed, the grass is mowed and trimmed and the walkways are swept. Do not have too many vehicles in the driveway, and plant some seasonal flowers to add a bit of color to your yard. Having your home ready for drive by traffic is one of the first steps to take when putting your Dallas, TX real estate on the market.

One of the best things you can do to prepare your home for selling is to keep the interior clean at all times so that you are ready to show the home at a moment’s notice. Also, keep air fresheners handy to eliminate offensive odors like pet food, diapers and cigarette smoke. Records show that squeaky clean homes sell faster and even fetch higher prices.