Helpful Hints for Staging Your House


Even in a seller’s market, little things can make a difference. Most of these hints don’t even require a dime. So when in a hurry to sell, try these tips to get your house sold even faster!

  • No clutter: This one is something really simple you can do and the payoff is big. Remove all the clutter in your house, this will make it bigger instantly. One thing a house owner usually has too much of is furniture, try to move some of it out and it will make each room easier to walk through and more appealing.
  • Rearrange: If you can’t let go of any furniture, you can always choose to rearrange it. Most people think that a room looks better with all the furniture pushed to the wall. On the contrary, a room actually looks better with the furniture floating in the room. It makes the flow of the room better and easier for people to walk through, which is a plus for showings.
  • Repurpose the “junk” room: To make every room in your house count…turn the junk room into something functional. You don’t have to do anything drastic, turn it into a craft room.
  • Check the lighting: Ever walked into a house and the lighting is too bright or the opposite, too dim. Try to have a little bit of every different type of light. Try to balance it between overhead, ambiance and decorative lights. Also, try increasing the wattage in your lamps and fixtures.
  • Go neutral: For a quick change to any room, try adding a touch of fresh paint. Going with a neutral shade makes any room appealing. It will also allow prospective buyers a chance to envision what they may do to the room, a blank canvas!
  • Accessorize: People forget the magic of a vase of beautiful flowers or a nice piece of pottery. If done right, it will make the room very appealing and make it a little homier as well.

Like I said before, these renovations are super easy and inexpensive. In a seller’s market you don’t have to do much to get your house sold. It wouldn’t hurt to make your house look amazing for showings and who doesn’t love a compliment!