Jump-Start your Home Staging with Dream Home HD


Everyone knows how tiresome staging a client’s home can be. Declutter. Moving and grouping furniture (those aching backs!). Repurposing “guest” rooms that have done nothing but hold junk and dust for a decade. Scraping wallpaper. Painting over those screaming reds and scorching yellows. Coming up with ideas for wall hangings and “art,” usually on the fly and with zero budget. Accessorizing. Replacing small items like drawer pulls and light switches. And doing the majority of this while the homeowner enjoys one last swim in the pool. (They seem to have so much fun doing this on the television shows…)

Worse, after a few restages, you begin to get the uncomfortable idea that all of your designs look the same.

Well, your iPhone or iPad can’t get in there and help you move that baby grand, but it can help you with ideas for a spiffy, original staging that will point up your client’s home for a quick and easy resale. Dream Home HD gives weary realtors a wealth of design ideas to help buff up that staging and make your client’s home stand out among the others on the market.

The app costs $4.99 from the iTunes store. It gives you a vast array of design ideas, contributed by professional designers, for different rooms or for overall design themes – Asian, contemporary, traditional, beachside, industrial and many, many others. It will get as overarching or as fine-grained as you like, down to ideas for new drawer pulls or throw pillows. The app provides, among other features:

  • Hundreds of illustrative photos (of real homes) to help you point up your design and staging ideas, with Zoom and Save capabilities
  • Easy, searchable gallery navigation
  • Offline viewing (save on expensive Internet connection fees)
  • Outdoor design suggestions for decks, patios and yards
  • Articles on design ideas and trends
  • New content regularly
  • Synchronizes with your iPod’s music library for easy listening (not a necessity, but a nice plus while you’re considering your options)

So far, over 1 million Apple users have downloaded Dream Home HD for their own use. Most of them are not real estate agents, but homeowners who want to add some pizzazz to their tired and dated décor. You, as an active and trendsetting realtor, can use this app to jump-start your staging ideas, and make each home you stage for a client as appealing as possible for potential buyers. Not a bad deal for a tool that will cost you about the same as a Happy Meal.