Open Home Pro: Making Your iPad Do the Work For You


If you spend a lot of time, well, just about anywhere, you’re going to see people of all walks of life intently poring over (and poking at) the screens of their iPad tablets. Sure, some of them are posting pictures of cats on the Internet, but a lot of them are getting work done – and a lot of it. As a busy realtor, you might have an iPad that you’d like to spend more time using for making money and less time for watching Netflix. Here’s an app that will make you glad you bought the iPad in the first place. (Versions for your iPhone and Android mobile phone are reportedly in the works.)

Open Home Pro has been around for a number of years. If you don’t already use it, chances are your competitors do. It’s the single most downloaded app for realtors. Here’s some of what OHP can do for you:

  • Help you manage all of the walk—ins or broker opens.
  • Send you hot leads from your focus areas.
  • Automatically follow up your leads with professionally written emails.
  • Automatically contact interested clients with property price changes and other updates.
  • Create lovely listing pages for each of your properties, and give prospective buyers a way to leave feedback or contact you with a single click.
  • Create photo slideshows for individual listings that you can share with clients.
  • Export data to a spreadsheet or CRM system, or directly to iCloud.
  • Create a custom questionnaire for your clients.
  • Link to your virtual tours, property pages, and other Web-based marketing and informational presences.
  • Gather client data quickly and easily.

OHP is so popular that has created a competing product, BrightOpen.

The Ticker has provided a nifty review of OHP on YouTube, calling it a reason to buy an iPad in and of itself. Since the video was produced, Homefinder has acquired OHP and given it even more features and capabilities.

If you’re not getting enough mileage out of your iPad, make it pay for itself in increased sales and efficiency by installing and using Open Home Pro. You’ll save so much time and money with the app that you won’t begrudge yourself that occasional down time on Netflix!