Buying with Ambiance Realty

We focus on showing buyers properties that meet their needs and desires. Our diligence and patience, coupled with in-depth knowledge, is beneficial to every client whether they are looking to buy a home or an investment property.

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Step by Step: Buying a House with Ambiance Realty

  • Making a search – Your Ambiance Agent will help you set up a MLS (Multiple Listing Service) search for homes matching your  criteria. The search will show us all of the homes available that match your criteria, and your agent will subscribe you to market updates keeping you up to date with new listings that fit.
  • Mortgage Pre-Approval – Your Ambiance Agent will suggest a good lender for you to use, who can give you a pre-approval that converts to a mortgage once you find the right house.  If you already have a lender in mind, you can use them too.
  • Mortgage Pre-Qualified – The loan officer will provide you with a pre-approval letter and a “Truth in Lending” letter explaining the loan’s cost. A good loan officer will shop around for you for the right loan.
  • Market Information – We will provide you with information about your desired market.
  • Viewing Homes – We will keep you informed about new listings that meet your criteria and are on the market, schedule showings, and we will view all of the homes that you would like to see.
  • Re-evaluation – If it is necessary, we will reevaluate wants/needs & show you additional homes.
  • Home Research – We will research the house’s history, and review necessary disclosures. Your agent will run a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on similar homes nearby to understand how much the home is really worth and to make sure you are getting a good price before you make an offer.
  • Make an Offer – When you find the right house, your Ambiance Agent will write an offer to the seller and collect the earnest and option money. The seller can accept, counter, or reject your offer.
  • Negotiation – Ambiance Agents are among the best in negotiation. Your agent will negotiate the best price and terms. Many agents neglect to negotiate good terms, leaving their clients to pay large sums of money on closing fees.
  • Contract – Ambiance Realty delivers your earnest  and option money checks, a copy of the contract, and any other necessary forms to the title company.
  • MLS – Your agent will make sure that the selling party’s agent changes the status of the property on the Multiple Listing Service and showing service.
  • Home Appraisal – Ambiance Realty’s Associate will make sure the lender arranges the home appraisal.
  • Inspection – Your agent will provide you a list of inspectors to review the house’s condition. If concerns arise, we’ll help you and the seller resolve them.
  • Home Warranty and Insurance– Your agent will provide you with suggestions for good home protection and home insurance companies for your new home.
  • Confirm Closing – Your agent will confirm the status of closing with the title company, seller’s agent, and lender. He or she will ensure everyone gets what they need for closing and that the process goes smoothly. Your agent will inform you of the date and location of the closing in addition to the final amount for the certified check.
  • Utilities – Right before the closing, your agent will give you phone numbers for all of the Utility companies you must inform about the account transfer.
  • Closing – Your agent will attend the closing at the title company with you, where the mortgage and other documents are signed, money adjustments are made, and the seller is paid. At this point, you will receive the home’s deed and keys!